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    I think the privacy issue is interesting. How will it affect us if our information is able to be called up in 5 or 10 years from now? Right now I use the wayback machine through to check out older versions of websites… so anything that was posted in 1998, and has been deleted for years, is still accessible through this portal. Will our social media conversations and data (location, etc) be as easy to access?
    I love your show. You guys rock.

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    Finally got around to listening to this! And enjoyed the commentary on social media and networking. :D

    Facebook has helped my parents keep up with my day-to-day status message whinings, as well as reconnect with old friends and family. Meanwhile, boyfriend’s mom is like the one you mentioned in the podcast: she joined just to see what her kids are doing. She’s starting to branch out, but it’s slow going.

    I’m trying to get my dad (67-years-old, whose eye-sight and finger coordination isn’t doing so well, lately) onto Blogger, and I’ve even mentioned podcasting. He was on the radio for many years and still has a lot of people who want to follow him and ask him questions. But I just don’t know that the technology is easily accessible for him. He’s having a difficult enough time with Blogger, nevermind figuring out how to put his old radio show episodes on iTunes. :P


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