Busy Bees: Finals Week

If you’re a long-time listener* of the Lex and Lanna podcast, you know during normal times we are two very busy women. That’s why we don’t have a regular podcasting schedule. For the last couple of weeks, however, we’ve both been preparing for next weeks dreaded FINALS WEEK!

The funny thing is, we both have time that we could record a podcast, but because our classes are on different days, whenever I’m available, Lex has to study and whenever Lex is available, I have to study.

Don’t worry, we’ve already scheduled a top secret date to record our next podcast. In the meantime, listen to one of our old shows, they get better each time you listen to them**!

*Well, since February. That was a long time ago! Shut up.
**This has not been scientifically verified. I am just saying it because it sounds like its true***
***Okay, you caught me. I said it because I HOPE it’s true!


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