#16: Live from Podcamp Boston Five

New Call-in Number 207-370-POD0 [7630]


Cucch, the Guy’s Perspective, @tcpcucch

Yvonne Christian, blogger, Uncommon Bostonian and Outside in, @yechristian

Randi and James, look for a future birding podcast


  1. says

    Greetings Lex and Lanna,

    Just wanted to say how much fun it was to meet you and sit down for the live recording of L&L #16. Gave you a shout out in our most current episode over at The Guy’s Perspective. Mea Culpa though, I listened back and called you Leanne in the show. I am so sorry Lanna. However we did get it right went we put in a link to your website in the show notes. Keep up the great work and most of all keep having fun!


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